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Our brands include more than a thousand articles of various functions and types, produced with first-rate materials and innovative technology. Furniture, home décor, lightings, DIY tools, appliances, electronics, accessories: our portfolio has an extended array of categories whose products are all characterized by an excellent quality-price ratio.

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LIFA LIVING stands for fashion, quality and affordability.

After the resounding success achieved with the sale of carpets, the company expanded its range with lamps, coffee tables and much more. Hand-made or semi-handmade, LIFA LIVING articles are produced by highly experienced and passionate craftsmen who design them in every single detail. This is what makes each LIFA LIVING product unique and exclusive.

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WOLFGANG TOOLS has a mission: to create professional tools for everyone while offering high performance, top quality and reliability at a fair cost.

For professional usage, home improvement or for everyday life: WOLFGANG TOOLS is the DIY specialist, providing power and robust manual tools and accessories that are up to every challenge, ideal for home and garden, as well as for workshops and industries.

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MAGNANI ITALY is your best ally for your kitchen space.

Originally known as the kitchen-knives specialist, MAGNANI ITALY offers an increasing range of appliances that people cannot do without in their kitchen. Set of knives, digital scales, food processors and accessories: MAGNANI ITALY provides a wide number of categories, guaranteeing the distribution of functional and resistant items at an advantageous cost.

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LED LOVERS is the LED lighting specialist, the ideal solution to illuminate any space inside and around your house.

LED lighting is more efficient, consumes less and is more powerful than the other sources: for these reasons [[i]LED LOVERS offers a wide range of innovative and high-quality LED lighting tools not only for the illumination of your indoor and outdoor spaces, but also for the security of your household and for decoration.

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TECHNOSMART was born with a simple desire: to bring to the market high quality electronic products that best meet the needs of our customers.

Highly competitive,TECHNOSMART products are produced with prime materials and are designed with modern technologies. Accessories for computers, laptops, tablets, telephones and smartphones: our range of items is varied and guarantees the distribution of functional and resistant items at an advantageous cost.

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SLEEPMED stands for high quality and affordable products designed to promote a pleasant sleep.

After the resounding success of the sale of mattress, SLEEPMED decided to expand its range of products considerably. Pillows and reading pillows, duvets, quilts, cradle mattress: SLEEPMED uses the latest technologies to develop the best items for your sleep.

Because better sleeping begins with SleepMed.

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Original sound

While taking a walk, while training, reading or studying: DUTCH ORIGINALS makes sure that music is always in your life.
DUTCH ORIGINALS provides high quality headphones, soundbars, loudspeakers and much more, for a sound experience that cannot be equalled.
Fair price and top quality: that’s what makes DUTCH ORIGINALS the best choice for your daily music.

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SPACEFLIGHT aims at providing stylish leatherwear and eyewear for both men and women at an advantageous cost.
SPACEFLIGHT cares about customers’ needs and expectation: that’s why its portfolio – that includes sunglasses, smart wallets and bags – is designed to satisfy everybody’s taste and style.
SPACEFLIGHT, your daily fashion choice.

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The Mascot-Online house brand.

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Records are back and fit perfectly into the current 'retro' trend. Vintage Vinyl has developed a custom model which produces perfect sound quality. New colours soon!

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Trendy, practicable and indestructible. In the next years we will work on an increasing number of outdoor products, so stay in touch for the latest news!

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New times arise. Times in which personal care and hygiene will be more important then ever. Viraqur will provide effective and affordable goods that will help you to protect your health.

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