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About Mascot


Mascot Online B.V. is a young and dynamic company based in Almere, in the Netherlands. Originated in 2013, our company provides warehousing, storage, inventory, fulfilment and delivery services for local and foreign SME’s in traditional and e-commerce industries. Engaged both in B2B and B2C commerce, we own and boost successful brands with which we implement our product-development plan on an international level.


It is our mission to build strong international brands while adding significant value to consumer goods. Our range of products includes different categories that follow the trends and the needs of our customers. Rapidly growing and operating in Europe where we gained the trust of several marketplaces in Germany, Italy, France, Spain and UK, our major focus is to provide high-quality, innovative and fashionable products that are accessible to everybody.


Our successful brands include a wide range of categories with more than a thousand articles, all of them tailored around our clients’ preferences and demands. LIFA LIVING for furniture and home décor, LED LOVERS for lightings, WOLFGANG TOOLS for DIY tools, MAGNANI ITALY for kitchenware, TECHNOSMART for electronics, SLEEPMED for health and beauty, SPACEFLIGHT for sunglasses, DUTCH ORIGINALS for soundbars and headphones: our brands offer large stock of the most popular and cutting-edge products at an advantageous cost.

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Our vision

As a B2B and B2C company, Mascot Online has a double mission that merges into one main vision: transforming trends and mainstream consumers’ demand into high-quality products that are accessible to everybody.

In order to accomplish his project, our energic and motivated team commits himself to:

  • Meticulous marketing research, trying to discover the most up-to-date trends of worldwide consumers.
  • Finding the most suitable compromise between high-quality products and affordable prices.
  • The investment in brand recognition to boost the reliability of our producers.
  • The implementation of high-resolution pictures to advertise our articles while providing our online customers with the most realistic version of our products.
  • Drop-shipment services for our B2B customers to relieve their concerns about logistic issues.
  • The development of packaging suitable for high quantity parcel delivery.

Mascot Online: Superior service and support for the best buying and selling experience.

Become a B2B Partner

As a B2B customer, you can enjoy all the benefits of being a partner of Mascot Online. Among many other privileges, you will have a complete view of our catalogue, including its detailed pictures and description, while also being able to order in large quantities from our rich assortment.

Our brands

New Vendor

Become a Vendor: As a Vendor, you can benefit of all the privileges and services that Mascot Online offers to its B2B partners:

  • Access to our B2B online section, combining a closed B2B online catalogue and an online order-and-stock reservation system – which includes the upload of order solutions through Excel files.
  • Drop shipment service in The Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Austria and UK, as well as Pallet shipment within the EU.

Overall, the Vendor and B2B program provided by Mascot Online is practical, intuitive and easy to use, aimed at providing customized API solutions to its partners.

The Vendor and B2B program provided by Mascot Online is practical, intuitive and easy to use, aimed at providing customized API solutions to its partners.


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